Chapter VIII


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Matilda Shriver

Marriage to Colonel M. H. Spangler of York, Pa.  |
Children with their Connections  |  Genealogical Records


MATILDA SHRIVER, the second daughter of Andrew Shriver, of Union Mills, was born at Pa. She was baptized by the Rev. Mr. Kopright; sponsors, her father and mother.

She was married to Col. Michael H. Spangler, of York, Pa., where she resided until her husband’s death. As wife and mother she manifested those special traits of domesticity which were characteristic of the family at Union Mills. Her life was devoted, almost exclusively, to the duties of her household; ministering to the comfort of her husband and children. She was a woman of more than ordinary intelligence, loved by her relatives, and much esteemed by the community where she resided.

Trained from her youth in the faith of the Reformed church, she continued during life a faithful member, and was ever earnest in the inculcation of religious principles in the minds of her children. After the death of her husband she returned to the home at Union Mills, and had charge of the household there — her mother being deceased — remaining until the death of her father. One of her children pays the following tribute to her memory: “My mother was a dutiful wife, a model mother, and famous housekeeper; a kind hearted good woman, enjoying the love and respect of her children, and the warm esteem of all who knew her. She died at Columbia, Pa., and lies side by side with father in the cemetery at York.”

COLONEL SPANGLER, was a man of marked characteristics, prominent among which were public spiritedness and open-hearted generosity. During the war, 1812-14, he commanded the only   [70]   troops from Pennsylvania which took part in the battle of North Point, Baltimore, and was commended for bravery. He was, subsequently, elected Colonel of the 94th Regiment Pennsylvania Militia; afterwards appointed Brigade Inspector, which office he filled acceptably until near the close of his life, enjoying the confidence and respect of his fellow citizens.

They had eight children, viz.: Augustus D., Elizabeth Shriver, Andrew Michael, William Henry, Alexander Rufus, Josephine, Benjamin Franklin, and Margaret Matilda.

AUGUSTUS D. SPANGLER, the eldest son, married and resided at Cincinnati, Ohio, where he died some years ago.

ELIZABETH S. SPANGLER married Edward Turbutt, of Frederick, Md. She had a delicate constitution and died not long after her marriage. To more than ordinary personal charms she added a sweetness of disposition, and loveliness of character, which endeared her to all hearts. The circumstances of her death proved the sufficiency of grace to sustain the confiding soul in the last extremity.

ANDREW M. SPANGLER, son of M. H. Spangler, in early life acquired the knowledge of the tanning business, at Union Mills, which he had to relinquish on account of his health. He, subsequently, entered Marshall College, Mercersburg, Pa., where he graduated in 1846, and married the same year. In 1849 he was appointed to a clerkship in the Patent Office, Washington, from whencehe removed to Lancaster, Pa., and for a time edited the “Lancaster Gazette,” and the “Farm Journal.” He removed to Philadelphia in 1851, since when he has been occupied with several public and private interests. He published the “Farmer and Gardner,” the “Year Book of the Farm,” the “Progressive Farmer,” and the “Culturist,” and for twenty years has been editor. of the “Evening Star,” Philadelphia. For some time he was one of the Commissioners of Fisheries of Pennsylvania, and, for the last two years, has superintended the publication of their documents. He is, at present, President of the “Anglers’ Association” of Eastern Pennsylvania; is officially identified with the Board of Public Education, Philadelphia, having special oversight of the Industrial Art   [71]   School of 800 pupils; also a member of the committees in charge of the Boys Central High School; and Manual Training School, and for years a member of the firm of Spangler & Davis, printers.

CHARLES SHAFFER SPANGLER, son of A. M. Spangler, is on the editorial staff of the Philadelphia “Ledger.”

WILLIAM H. SPANGLER married Abbie B. Smith, of Washington, D.C. He has been engaged in various occupations; and resides, at present, at Dover, N.J.

B. FRANK. SPANGLER married and conducted business at Columbia, Pa, where he died.

MARGARET M. SPANGLER married William D. Elliott and resides at York, Pa.

Genealogical Records