Appendix I


(Page numbers from 1888 Green Book in [square brackets].)

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The “Shultz,” “Clemm” and “Poe” Connection


It was stated — page 50 — upon what was deemed good authority, that Catharine Shultz, daughter of John Shultz, and sister of Elizabeth Shriver, was married to Joseph Clemm. Later information, derived from a reliable source, is to the effect that Catharine Shultz was married to Colonel William Clemm, (not Joseph) of the Revolutionary Army. Joseph, John and William Clemm were their sons; the latter, William Clemm, Junior, was married, first, to Harriet Poe, and their daughter Josephine married Judge Nelson Poe, lately deceased. William Clemm’s (Junior) second wife was Maria Poe, daughter of General David Poe, and their daughter, Virginia, married her cousin, Edgar Allan Poe, the famed poet.