Appendix II


(Page numbers from 1888 Green Book in [square brackets].)

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A “Renowned Poet” of the “Schreiber” Family Lineage

Treating of “lineages ” is like digging for the “tap-root” of a great tree — there is, seemingly, no end to it. The following curious scrap of information, indicative of the “nobility” of the Schreibers of “ancient lineage,” has been placed at our disposition by C. Columbus Shriver, Esq.

“It happened in the year 1206, that Duke Hermann, being at his castle of Wartburg, situated on a height above the town of Eisenach, assembled at his court six of the most renowned poets of Germany, viz.: Heinrich Schreiber, Walther von der Vogelweide, Wolfram D’Eschenbach, Reinhart de Zwetzen, all four knights of ancient lineage; Bitterolf, comptroller of the household, and Heinrich D’Ofterdingen, a simple burgess of Eisenach. A violent rivalry was soon declared between the five poets of noble birth and the poor Heinrich, who was at least their equal in talent and popularity. Tradition accuses them of having sought his life, and relates that one day the five rushed upon him, and would have killed him, but that he escaped, and took refuge with the Duchess Sophia, who hid him under the folds of her mantle. When this occurred the duke was engaged in hunting.”

— [From Count de Montalemberts “Life of St. Elizabeth, of Hungary,” page 107.]