Appendix IV


(Page numbers from 1888 Green Book in [square brackets].)

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Reminiscence of the Political and Official Status
of the Shrivers in Maryland


The “Fredericktown Herald” — issue February 5th 1803 — gives the Shriver family (minus the partisan animus) the benefit of the following creditable notice: “David Shriver and his family were once all Federalists, till the election of 1800, the Federalists having refused Mr. Shriver a place on their ticket for the Assembly, Mr. Shriver and his family all turned Democrats; joined in the cry about the ‘rights of the people,’ and were received on the other side with open arms as an important accession of strength to the party. The lucky consequence of the change is now seen in the following list of appointments to office: David Shriver, Esq., a delegate to the Assembly; Abraham Shriver, his son, an Associate Justice of Frederick County Court; Andrew Shriver, another son, a justice of the Peace; also, of the Levy Court; John Schley, brother-in-law of David Shriver, Justice of the Orphan’s Court; Henry Leatherman, father-in-law of one of the Shrivers, Supervisor of the Roads; etc., etc. Who would not become a Democrat to be so rewarded?”