Appendix III


(Page numbers from 1888 Green Book in [square brackets].)

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The Schryver (I. E. Shriver) Family
of New Platz, Ulster County, N.Y.


The ancestors of this branch of the Shriver family, as noticed below, were originally from Germany, and settled in the state of New York. Some of the descendants moved thence to Ohio, and from there to Baltimore, Md. Edson M. and James M. Schryver, sons of J. H. Schryver, of Mount Sterling, Ohio, have been identified as citizens for some time past with the business interests of Baltimore. E. M. Schryver is in the grain and produce commission business. He was, for a term, President of the Corn and Flour Exchange. He is now the efficient President of the Board of Police Commissioners. J. M. Schryver is assistant General Ticket Agent, Baltimore and Ohio Railroad.

The following note from Mr. J. M. Schryver gives what information they possess of their ancestral lineage and time of emigration to this country:

“Baltimore, November 7, 1888,
“1818 Park Avenue, Baltimore.

“DEAR SIR — I am just in receipt of a letter from my father in which he advises that his grandfather, John J. Schryver, and his wife Catharine came from Germany in the latter part of the last century, about 1790; that his father, Martin I., was born soon after, in 1799; and that he was the oldest of a family of four boys, the names of the other three being James, Levi, and John; these four children. were by his first wife. No children were born by the second wife.

“My father states that he can remember his grandfather very well. He lived near his father’s house when my father was a boy. The family was of considerable importance in New York State, and contained among its number judges, lawyers and men of prominence in that early day. He, however, knows nothing of their antecedents or descendants more than that they visited his father’s house when he was a boy, and all spoke the German language as did his own father.

“I enclose herewith pencil memorandum from my father, which incorporates this information. I do not know that I can give you any more specific information. You are at liberty to use as you see proper. Yours truly,

A. G. T. A., B. & O. R. R.

Although the family is not, as far as known, connected with the Conewago and Maryland Shriver families by ancestral lineage, still, as a matter of general interest, their family records, furnished, as requested, by Mr. J. M. Schryver, are appended to this brief notice of their family history.

Genealogical Records