Chapter XI


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Elizabeth (Eliza) and Catharine Clemm Shriver

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Genealogical Records


ELIZABETH SHRIVER, the third daughter of Andrew Shriver, was born at Union Mills. She was baptized by the Rev. Mr. Kopright; sponsors, her father and Rebecca Shriver, her grandmother. She was married to Lawrence J. Brengle.

Although her name appears in the Family Bible Record as above, she was known as, and called “Eliza,” perhaps to distinguish her, in her youth, from her mother, whose name she had received at her baptism.

She was a woman of many admirable traits of character; loving and kind, gentle in manner and sympathetic; always abounding in words and deeds of charity. It may well be said of her

“None knew thee, but to love thee,
None named thee, but to praise,”

She was the second wife of Mr. Brengle. Her sister, Catharine, the first wife, left, at her decease, two children, daughters, who were nurtured by her so tenderly and lovingly, that they came to love and regard her as their own mother. The warmth, indeed, of her attachments for her immediate family, relatives and friends endeared her to all; and she was especially beloved by the family at Union Mills, being the favorite daughter and sister there.

She was a consistent and devoted Christian, a member of the Reformed Church, an attached friend of her pastor, Rev. Dr.   [85]   Zacharias; and a zealous co-operator in the field of Christian beneficence at home and abroad. After the death of her husband, she maintained her home at Frederick, though, owing to the marriage of her children, she spent much of the time in retirement.

During her last illness she was attended by her devoted family, closing her life in peace, near her 80th birth-day.

CATHARINE C. SHRIVER, the fifth daughter of Andrew Shriver, was born at Union Mills. She was, baptized by the Rev. Mr. Kopright; sponsors, her father and mother. She married Lawrence J. Brengle. She was highly intelligent and social; attractive in person; loving and gentle in demeanor. Being the youngest child she was, as is usually the case, much petted, and thus became ardently attached to her relatives and home; and, after her marriage, nothing gave her more pleasure than a visit to the old homestead at Union Mills. She died early, and left, as noticed above, two infant children, too young to realize their loss.

A brief notice, at the time by the press, of the melancholy event, closes as follows: ” In the death of this excellent lady, her husband and relatives have experienced an afflictive bereavement, and her friends lost an amiable and agreeable companion.”

LAWRENCE J. BRENGLE was a native of Frederick County, Md. At the time of his first marriage he resided on a plantation on the Monocacy river, near Frederick city, and was actively engaged in agricultural business.

At the death of his father he inherited the homestead, a valuable property of several hundred acres of fertile land, well improved, near the city, to which he removed, and where he resided and prosecuted business for some years. He, after this, built a fine residence for himself at Frederick, and made it his permanent home until the close of his life.

He was highly esteemed as a citizen, and took an active interest in the affairs of the state and country. At the time of the Civil War, he warmly espoused the cause of the union of the states, and aided in the support of the National Government. His services received  [86]  recognition from those in authority, and General Grant, and other distinguished men of the Government gave him their confidence, and were entertained by him as his guests. He filled a number of public trusts with ability and fidelity. For some years he was, the treasurer of the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal Company. He was identified with the banking interests of the city, being influential in organizing the First National Bank, of which institution he was the efficient president. He served as a member of the House of Delegates; and also filled other important positions of civil and military trust with general satisfaction to the public. He was a member of the Reformed Church, and contributed liberally to its interests.

The Press referred to his decease in the following manner: “In the death of Major Lawrence J. Brengle, Frederick city, and, in fact the state of Maryland, loses one of its best citizens. Though firm in his political convictions, no one possessed in a larger degree the esteem and respect of his political opponents. Occupying positions of high trust, his duty was discharged, in every respect, faithfully and with ability. Of fine personal appearance, with kindly manners, and an exceedingly pleasant, winning voice, he made friends through life, so that the news of his demise created a feeling of deep sadness in the community.

“In the erection of the State Institute, here, for the education of the deaf and dumb, as a member of the building committee, he had constant oversight of the work, and it will be, as completed, an enduring monument to his memory.”

OLIVIA BRENGLE, the eldest daughter of Lawrence J. Brengle, was married to J. Alexander Shriver, Baltimore, of whom note is made in that relation.

ELIZABETH C. BRENGLE, the second daughter, was married to Charles Luther Kemp, of Frederick, Md. At the time of their. marriage Mr. Kemp was engaged. in business in Baltimore, where they resided. Elizabeth Brengle was warm and tender in her affections, and self-sacrificing in her devotion to her husband and children. There were five children, viz., Lawrence Brengle, Charles Luther, Elizabeth Catharine, Thomas William and Bertha Brengle.


LAWRENCE B. KEMP, the eldest son, married Helen, daughter of the Rev. McDonald Richardson, of Baltimore. He is with A. C. Myer & Co., Wholesale Druggists. He is a member of the Episcopal Church, Emmanuel Parish, and an energetic worker in the church, and the Young Men’s Christian Association.

ELIZA JANE BRENGLE, the third daughter of Lawrence J. Brengle, was married to Dr. R. Bradley Tyler, of Frederick, Md. The following tribute to her worth was paid at the time of her decease:

Death of Mrs. Dr. R. B. Tyler.

It becomes our painful duty to announce the death of this universally-beloved and truly estimable lady. The sad event has filled the community with the deepest gloom, which will sadly feel the loss of one of the best of its members. She was the comfort of her mothers’ declining years, the joy of a fond father’s heart, and the idol of an affectionate and devoted husband. She was a consistent member of the Episcopal Church, a devoted Sabbath school teacher, and benevolent to the poor.

“The good die young, but they whose hearts are dry as summer’s dust, burn to the socket.”

JAMES SHRIVER BRENGLE, only son of Lawrence J. Brengle, married M. Annie, daughter of Henry L. Gaw, Esq., of Philadelphia.

He is with the Banking House of Henry L. Gaw & Co., Philadelphia. His high qualifications for the business, have been such as to add to the firm’s previous reputation for financial prosperity and stability.

Genealogical Records