Newsletter Archives

These articles have appeared over the years in the Homestead Newsletter. The Newsletter has been published continuously since 1975, reporting on current events at the Homestead and frequent articles on the history of the Homestead and Mill. (Members receive the current newsletter.) Thanks to the many authors and editors who have made the newsletter possible.

In preparing these pages, the original newsletters have been scanned using optical character recognition software to convert the scanned images into text. Therefore, formatting may vary from the original newsletter.  Obvious typographical errors have been corrected, but other errors may have been introduced by the OCR process. Let us know if you find errors.


The First Newsletter — June, 1975 (PDF file — requires Adobe Acrobat reader)

Shriver Grave Marker and Spring House in Littlestown, PA — December 1976 and March 1977

Shriver German “Roots” 700 Years Old — March, 1977

Restored Mill Can’t Miss as Tourist Attraction — December 1977

Uncle Lou’s Christmas Poem — Fall 1980

Mill Progress Report from Derek Ogden — Summer 1981

Our New Curator-Miller — Fall 1982

Waterwheel and Gears Turn Again — Spring 1983

The Restored 1797 SHRIVER MILL Union Mills, Md. Dedication — April 29, 1984 (PDF file)

Miller’s House Restoration Project — articles from 1984 and 1985

Miller’s Report (Replacing the Buckets) — Summer 1989

Miller’s Report — Fall 1989

Louis Shriver Recalls Rural Free Delivery at Union Mills — Spring 1999