Miller’s Report: Replacing the Buckets

by Ivan Lufriu
Miller's Report

The buckets of the waterwheel were removed for replacement this spring. Here is the appearance of the wheel without its buckets.

(From the Summer 1989 Newsletter.)

The Mill Wheel holds a strange fascination for all who gaze upon it. More than any other part of a mill, its the wheel that folks want to observe. Perhaps the reason for a prolonged fixation may be hard to identify, but the quiet hypnotic rhythm imparts a message of peace and tranquility not readily found in other aspects of our lives. And as we watch, we know that everything is alright with the world, and the awesome wooden assembly upon which we stare, is machinery as it was meant to be. We may not reflect upon the cost of maintaining such a structure, nor are we likely to ponder the fact that a wooden wheel has very limited life span, but what we may realize is that we are witnessing the closest thing to perpetual motion yet devised by mortals.

Miller's Report

The buckets were replaced by millwright Derek Ogden. Here is a view of the mill wheel with the new buckets in place and the mill ready for operation.



So do not pass us by, my friend. Stop and spend a moment; let your mind wander where it will. And if, after the day’s work is done, you notice someone in a miller’s cap meditating by the rail, try to understand that this person — closest to the wheel — still has not taken this magnificent spectacle for granted.