Our New Curator-Miller

(From Fall 1982 Newsletter.)

New Curator-Miller BoagRecently John D. Boag, Jr. was hired as Curator-Miller to prepare and operate the Grist Mill. John is a very likeable as well as knowledgeable young man. Plan to visit with him when you stop by to see the progress made by the folks involved in the restoration.

John comes to us from Colvin Run Mill, Great Falls, Virginia. Some of us on the board had the pleasure of observing John on the job at Colvin Run this past summer. Besides running the mill he is capable of maintaining the equipment, setting up exhibits and lecturing. Currently he is taking lessons in Blacksmithing from Randy McDaniel of Silver Run.

Following is a letter from John telling us his expectations plus his wish list:

April means more than the Homestead Flower and Plant Market this coming year. It looks like we will be offering FLOUR along with the flowers!

We are currently working toward the April opening by cleaning the mill, gathering historical information, and making an inventory of tools and equipment used at the mill and many related items. The inventory includes milling, tannery, blacksmithing, cooperage, and woodworking equipment. These items will form the core of the mill exhibits and future exhibits relating to the other work undertaken at the Homestead. The amount and condition of the things found in the mill is encouraging but as mentioned before it is just a core and a beginning. To make the mill come alive as a museum, much more is needed. Here is a “wish list” of things that the mill could really use:

New curator mill line art

1. Hand powered fanning mill.
2. Hand powered corn sheller.
3. Flour bags – cloth or paper.
4. Stone dressing tools.
5. Grain testing and measuring tools.
6. Old photos of the mill that I could copy.
7. Any farm-mill related items.

If you know of anyone who owns a mill with its equipment intact, or if you have any mill related tools that you might donate or loan to the mill please contact the Homestead. Some things, like brushes and scoops that will be used with the freshly ground flour must be new. Cash donations will be greatly appreciated.

—John D. Boag, Jr.