Shriver German “Roots” 700 Years Old

(From March 1977 Newsletter.)

German bronze medallionAn interesting bronze medalion commemorating the 700th year of the German state of Kaiserslautern (1276-1976) was sent to Ken Kroh at Christmas of our Bicentennial Year by Gottfried Hess, present occupant of the home from which the Shrivers migrated in Alsenborn, Germany, in 1721. While Andrew Shriver and his half brother, David Jung, came to Conewago and started the clan in these parts, Andrew’s mother, Margaretha Shriver, was a Hess and lived in the Alsenborn Hess home. She settled in Goshenhoppen, in upper Montgomery County, Pennsylvania. The residence in Alsenborn was visited by Mr. and Mrs. Kroh while they were on a visit to Germany, and they have been corresponding with Gottfried since that time.

The medallion was struck by Hermann Mannheim of Kaiserslautern, a place about the size of Lancaster, Pa. Alsenborn, itself more than 1,100 years old, remains about the size of Littlestown, Pa., Ken says. The bronze pieces are attached to a calfskin pendant.