Chapter XVIII


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The Schley Branch — Mary Shriver

Marriage To John Schley, Frederick, Md.  |
History of Family with their Connections


Dr. Fairfax Schley, of Frederick, has furnished the following brief history of the “Schley branch,” together with the accompanying records:

“This branch of the Shriver family was the result of the union in marriage of John Schley and Mary, daughter of David Shriver. This event united two of the oldest families of the State, whose history was of colonial origin; antedating the Revolutionary war.

“The progenitor of the Schley family, John Thomas Schley, arrived from the Palatinate of Germany, prior to the middle of the eighteenth century, and, with a retinue of followers, finally settled in the colony of Maryland. In the year 1745, he founded the town of Frederick, now Frederick City, Frederick county; built the first house therein, and organized a permanent settlement. In this house was born the first child in the new settlement, who, being a daughter, was appropriately named Eve, and was the lineal ancestress of the Sinn and Bier families.

“Mr. Schley was a gentleman of means, education and culture, and distinguished for his musical abilities. He died in the year 1790; and in the language of the Key, a publication of that period, ‘after seeing his efforts crowned with success, and a barren wilderness converted into smiling fields and prosperous farms.’

“Of his sons, George Jacob, the father of John Schley, is the one more immediately connected with this sketch. He was of a genial and social disposition, and devoted to music. He warmly espoused   [124]   the Revolutionary cause, serving in an official capacity during the war.

“One of his daughters married Captain Henry Shroeder of Baltimore, a prosperous merchant of that city in the early years of the present century. He was associated with his brother-in-law, Jacob Schley, the firm name, ‘Schley & Shroeder,’ being widely and favorably known.

“John Schley, son of George Jacob, was a man of indomitable courage and great force of character, and was a frequent umpire in settlement of the many angry and critical controversies of that early period.

“He served several terms in the Legislature of the state, and, for years, was ore of the justices of the Orphan’s Court, the duties of which he discharged with signal. ability, zeal and fidelity.

“At the time of his death he was the clerk of the County Court, which office he had acceptably filled for many years.

“He was born January 2d, 1767; died October 31st, 1835, aged 68 years, 9 months and 28 days.

“Mary Shriver, wife of John Schley, was born November 29, 1773; died May 1, 1855, aged 81 years, 5 months and 2 days.

“John Schley and Mary Shriver were married April 4th, 1792, by the Rev. William Runkle, Ten children were the result of this union, and their births, names, marriages, etc., are as follows, viz.:

“Henry Schley, born March 18th, 1793, was married October 28th, 1817, to Sarah Maria Worrell of Kent. county, Md.; died April 1st, 1871, leaving four children, John Edward, Charles, Fairfax and Clara.

“George, son of John and Mary Schley, was born August 21st, 1795; died February 14th, 1846. Unmarried.

“David, born October 7th, 1797; died October, 1852, married Ann Mary Hoke, of York, Penna., by whom he had six children, viz.: Alfred, Mary Elizabeth, William Lewis, Sarah Cornelia, David and Robert Henry. His second wife was Georgeanna Clemm, by whom he, also, had six children, viz.: Clemm, Anna, George, John, Susan and Allen.


“William, born October 31st, 1799; died March, 1872. He was married to Nancy Ringgold, by whom he had five children, viz.: William, Ringgold., Anna, W. Cadwalader and Agnus.

“Margaret, born January 8th, 1802; died 1876. She was married to Dr. Edward Y. Goldsborough; and left four children, viz.: Mary C., John Schley, Edward Y. and Henry.

“Edward, born June 29th, 1804; died April, 1857; married Eve Margaret Brengle, and, at his death, left twelve children, viz.: Annie, Mary, Henry, Ellen, Franklin, Alice, Laura, Edward, Rose, Fanny, Thomas and Gilmer.

“John Thomas, born November 4th, 1806; died October, 1876; married Miss McClure, of Baltimore, four of whose children survive him, viz.: Winfield Scott, Antoinette, Tench and Eugene. His second wife was Sophia Haller, of Frederick, Md., by whom he had the following children, viz.: Georgeanna, John Thomas, Minnie, Frederick and Ada.

“George Jacob, born 1811; died in infancy.

“Frederick, born in 1814, June 11th; died January 24th, 1875; married Florence Washington; no children.

“Ann Rebecca, born August, 1816; died in infancy.

“The above record embraces a lineal descent of five generation of the Schley family on American soil: four of them of American birth, and characterized alike by integrity, intelligence, patriotism and honor.”

The following additional items of interest are given in this connection.

HENRY SCHLEY, the eldest son of John Schley, was engaged in merchandising, Baltimore; subsequently, he was with his father in the office of Clerk of the Court, Frederick.

DAVID SCHLEY, the third son, in early life was engaged in farming; later he edited and published the Frederick Examiner.

WILLIAM SCHLEY, the fourth son, was liberally educated, graduating with high honor from Princeton College, N. J. He was fitted for the bar, and became eminent in the profession, practicing at Frederick and in Baltimore.


EDWARD and, JOHN T. SCHLEY were engaged in farming, and were otherwise occupied.

FREDERICK SCHLEY, the youngest son, was interested in politics. He was a member of the State Reform Convention, 1864; also a member of the Board of Public Works. He closed his life as editor of the Examiner.

DR. GOLDSBOROUGH, son-in-law of John Schley, was an eminent physician at Frederick.

DR. FAIRFAX  SCHLEY, son of Henry, is a resident of Frederick, City, and is prominently identified with the affairs of the community.

Dr. Philip Schaff.

MARY E. SCHLEY, eldest daughter of David Schley, of Frederick, married (December 10th, 1845), Dr. Philip Schaff. In the autobiographical sketch, recently published, Dr. Schaff says that he was born at Coire, in Switzerland, on January 1st, 1819. He studied at Coire, in the gymnasium at Stuttgart, and in the universities. of Tubingen, Halle and Berlin; traveled as tutor of a Prussian nobleman, through Italy and other countries of Europe, 1841; returned to Berlin and lectured in the university as privat-docent on exegesis and church history for two years. In 1843, Dr. Schaff was called, upon the recommendation of Neander, Tholuck, Julius Muller and others, to a professorship in the theological seminary of the German Reformed Church, then located at Mercersburg, Penna., and held the position until 1863. From 1864 to 1869 he was secretary of the New York Sabbath Committee, and delivered courses of lectures on church history in the theological seminaries at Andover, Hartford and New York (Union), and was called to a professorship in the seminary (Union), New York, 1869. He is one of the founders; and honorary secretaries of the American branch of the Evangelical Alliance, and was sent three ties — 1869, 1872, 1873 — as commissioner to Europe, to make arrangements for the Sixth General Conference of the Alliance, which was held in New York, October, 1873. He is president of the American Bible Revision Committee, which he organized in 1871, and, subsequently, negotiated with [127] the British revisers and University Press about the terms of co-operation, and publication of the Anglo-American revision.

To enumerate the books which Dr. Schaff has written, or edited, would be to mention the principal historical and exegetical volumes in the library of nearly every evangelical clergyman in this country and Germany. His principal work is the History of the Christian Church, beginning with apostolic times, which has now reached several large volumes, and has gone through numerous editions in many countries; besides this, many encyclopedias, commentaries, catechisms, hymn-books and magazine articles have appeared bearing his name. He has traveled extensively through Europe and the Bible lands.

Recently, he has been transferred to the chair of Church history in the Union Theological Seminary, New York.

Children of Philip Schaff and Mary E., his wife: Anna Mary, Anselm, Philip William, David Schley, Meta Sophia, Philip, John Edwin, Mary Cornelia.

Deceased: Anna Mary, Philip William, Meta Sophia, Philip and John Edwin.

DAVID SCHLEY SCHAFF, son of Dr. Philip Schaff, graduated at Yale College, 1873, and at the Union Theological Seminary, 1876. Pastor at Hastings, Nebraska, 1877-81: Associate editor of Schaff Herzog Encyclopedia, 1881-83; pastor of Presbyterian Church, Kansas City, Mo., 1883 to date.

Dr. Schaff and son, as seen, are connected with the Presbyterian Church. The Schley family have generally been members of the Reformed Church at Frederick. Other members of the family occupy positions of honor and usefulness. A sketch of the varied and valuable services of Com. Schley is given in the next Chapter.