Chapter XXII


(Page numbers from 1888 Green Book in [square brackets].)

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The Frey Branch — Susanna Shriver

Marriage to Samuel Frey, Baltimore  |  Children with their Connections


SUSANNA SHRIVER, the third and youngest daughter of David Shriver, Sr., was born at Little Pipe Creek, Md. She was married to Samuel Frey, a citizen of Baltimore. They had six children, viz.: Edward Shriver, Rebecca Shriver, Samuel Washington, Margaret Mary, James Henry, and Lavinia Susan.

After the death of her husband, which was early, Mrs. Frey, maintained a home for her children, and devoted her life to their care and advancement.

EDWARD S. Frey, the eldest son, while in his minority, acquired practical knowledge of the Drug business, and subsequently, (Jan. 1, 1833), engaged in the business on his own account, firm style, E. S. Frey. He gave his brother Samuel a position in his store, and in 1845 admitted him into partnership; changing the firm name to H. & S. Frey. His youngest brother, James, was likewise trained in the business, and taken into partnership.

The business, from the start, was conducted with skill, fidelity, and diligence, and, as a consequence, became well established and highly remunerative.

It is stated, by one familiar with his life, that Edward Frey started in business resolved on making money, but, shortly after, was converted, and united with the Methodist Episcopal Church, consecrating his means and service to the Lord.

He was ever after faithful to the vows of consecration which he had assumed, and was known and recognized by all of his friends, and business acquaintances as a zealous, consistent and devout Christian.


His habit was to contribute liberally of his means, as opportunity offered, to the various benevolent objects of the church, and he thus became his own executor, giving away, in his life time, for the service of the Lord, the greater part of what he accumulated in business. It is estimated upon good authority, that the three brothers jointly contributed, by gifts and bequests, one hundred and fifty thousand dollars to various benevolent objects.

SAMUEL W. FREY, though not so marked a character as his brother Edward, was also known as a faithful disciple of the Master, and was much respected by the community. He was married, late in life, to Julia A. Clark, of Baltimore. They had two children, a daughter, who died in infancy, and a son, Edward Shriver Frey, who is the only descendant of the family.

JAMES HENRY Frey was married (also late in life) to Lavinia E. Semple, of Gettysburg, Pa. He died, leaving a widow, but no children.

The three daughters, Rebecca, Margaret, and Lavinia remained single. Margaret died in 1886. Rebecca and Lavinia are living in Baltimore. Susanna Frey, their mother, died November, 1862.

Edward S. Frey was born 1810; died 1861.

Samuel W. was born in 1814; died October, 1881.

James H. was born in 1818; died December, 1883.