Union Mills’ 225th Anniversary

Union Mills’ 225th Anniversary

The Union Mills Homestead celebrated its 225th year in 2022, marking the anniversary of the site’s founding by brothers Andrew and David Shriver, Jr. in 1797. The brothers planned to combine their respective skills in a business enterprise centered on a set of water-powered mills to be built in a wide valley along Big Pipe Creek. The site was promising, strategically located between Westminster and Littlestown where Pennsylvania’s early roads led westward.

1797 Contract

A portion of the contract signed in 1797 by Andrew and David Shriver, Jr. for the construction of the four-room structure that was the earliest section of the Shriver Homestead.

On January 26, 1797, the brothers signed a contract with Henry Kohlstock of York County, Pennsylvania, to build a small four-room double house as their home. Kohlstock agreed “to finish two small houses 14 by 17 feet each, to be connected by a porch and passage about 10 feet wide.” Each side of the house had one upper and one lower room, with a connecting center hallway and a small porch in front, twelve by eight feet. Within a few years David Shriver sold his interest to his brother and the enterprise grew under Andrew’s management. Andrew Shriver integrated a variety of early industries to support his growing agricultural-based businesses.

The original four-room house received additions over time as the needs of the growing household of Andrew Shriver and his descendants required. Eventually, a sprawling country mansion of 23 rooms came to occupy the site, surrounded by outbuildings, gardens, and orchards. Six generations of the family lived at the site through the 1960s.

On July 9, 2022, members and friends of the Union Mills Homestead gathered to celebrate the anniversary in a gala in the Tannery. A wonderful evening was had by all featuring fellowship, live music, good food, and a memorable program. Carroll County’s Commissioners issued a proclamation recognizing the date and site’s 225th Anniversary. Thank you to all who have played a part in the preservation of this very special historic site!

Social Hour at the 225th anniversary celebration.

Guests at the 225th Anniversary celebration enjoyed a social hour on the lovely grounds at the Union Mills Homestead.

Fellowship at the 225th Anniversary Celebration.

Foundation member Bill Jones (left) with Jason Illari (right), the Executive Director of the Historical Society of Carroll County.

Dinner at the 225th anniversary celebration.

Guests at the 225th Anniversary Celebration enjoyed a delicious dinner in the Union Mills Homestead Tannery.

Good time had by all at the 225th Anniversary Celebration.

Guests at the Union Mills Homestead’s 225th Anniversary celebration on July 9, 2022.

A good time had by all at the 225th Anniversary Gala

A good time was had by all at the celebration of the Union Mills Homestead’s 225th Anniversary.

As part of the Homestead Foundation’s commemoration of the site’s 225 years, members of the organization reflected on the anniversary in a video production. Check it out below:


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