Selected Bibliography for Maryland SPOOM Conference, Sept. 8-11, 2005


National Level and How-to-do-it:


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Web Sites:


Theodore Hazen's web site on mill technology and history.


For extensive bibliographies of Maryland industry and also a tour of mill towns along Jones Falls, go to GOOGLE and enter <Baltimore County Maps and Research Links.> Then in the left-hand column of the Baltimore County Office of Planning page, select <Historic Preservation>, and then select <Maps and Research Links> again. Scroll past the African American history entries to the Bibliographies and the Light Rail History and Scenery, which are on PDF's.


For an extensive (and continuously changing) collection of postcard images of mills, go to, and search for Mill in the Postcard section.  (Or click here.)


Greenfields Mill Banknote or Denominated Check, 1836, Frederick County, Maryland.

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