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Agendas & Events

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February 19-20 2010

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The Mid-Atlantic Chapter meeting notices and minutes are moving to |
http://www.spoommidatlantic.org.  Please visit that site for the latest info.

Minutes of the April, 2011 meeting (pdf)
SPOOM-MA meeting announcement for April 2. 2011, Cross Roads, PA  (pdf)
     Click for link to article in the York Daily Record about the York Flour Mill

SPOOM-MA January 2011 Newsletter (pdf)

SPOOM-MA September 2010 Newsletter (pdf)

SPOOM-MA July 2010 Newsletter (pdf)

SPOOM-MA Spring 2010 Newsletter (pdf)

SPOOM-MA meeting, at the Poplar Tide Mill in Mathews County, VA   Click here for minutes (pdf)

Special Announcement: SPOOM Miller Training Class, Dickson, TN

SPOOM-Mid-Atlantic News and Notes for January, 2010

SPOOM Mid-Atlantic news, September, 2009 (pdf)

SPOOM-Mid-Atlantic news and agenda for August, 2009 chapter meeting,
          August 15 Bucks County. Stover-Myers Mill, New Britain, PA (pdf)
          August 15 meeting minutes (posted, October 31, 2009)

SPOOM-Mid Atlantic News and Notes for May 2009

Special opportunity for Miller Training, Bollinger Mill in Missouri

Mid-Atlantic Chapter meeting at Union Mills, MD  Click for minutes (added 7/13/09)

SPOOM Mid-Atlantic Newsletter, February 2009 (pdf)

Mid-Atlantic Chapter Newsletter, Nov. 2008 (pdf)

August 8-9, 2008 at Wallace Cross Mill  -- Brochure with registration form (pdf)

SPOOM Mid-Atlantic Chapter May 2008 Newsblurb

TIMS April 2008 newsletter

Flier and registration form (pdf) for March 7-8, 2008 at Cooper's Grist Mill
Flier as a Word doc

January 2008 News and Notes (pdf)

Announcing: 3rd Annual Tide Mill Conference (Dorchester, MA)

Fall, 2007 Newsletter (pdf)

Summer 2007 Meeting Agenda (St. Vincent Gristmill)

Spring 2007 Newsletter of the Mid-Atlantic Chapter (pdf)

Meeting Flier and Agenda (Colvin Run Mill)

Meeting Agenda (Wye Mills meeting)

Hosting 2005 SPOOM conference (Union Mills)

Announcement of the formation of the Mid-Atlantic Chapter

Selected Bibliography (produced for SPOOM 2005)


SPOOM Mid-Atlantic coverage:

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