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Rural Free Delivery
at Union Mills

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Here are just a few RFD links on the web.  Search for more if you like.   I use google.   (Links checked and updated, Nov. 2014)

Smithsonian Institution, Research Report No. 89, Summer, 1997, "Sharing the story of 100 years of Rural Free Delivery in America"

Smithsonian Institution, "Rural Free Delivery 'Tunnel' Mailbox"

Smithsonian Institution, "Rural Free Delivery Sled"

Bruns, James H., "SOAP BOXES WON'T DO," U. S. Postal Museum, Smithsonian Institution, Volume 5, Issue 3,   July-September 1996.

Farmington Area Historical Society, "History of Rural Free Delivery"

Hohmann, George, Daily Mail Business editor, "Free rural mail delivery began in state", Charleston (WV) Daily Mail,  June 18, 1999.

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