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Postcards from H. Wirt Shriver,
father of Winifred Shriver Klein and grandfather of the Klein brothers.

(Richard born 1900, Frederic, born 1905, Philip, born 1909)
The poems on Wirt's cards are said to paint an accurate picture of his personality.
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"Good Luck to you on St. Patrick’s Day"
To Richard from Grand Pa
March 14, 1908

Here on this card, dear Dick, you see,
A little girl and a piggy wig-gee.
"Good luck to you on St. Patrick’s Day"
Is what I’m sure she means to say,
Good luck to you – little Irish girl,
And your little pig, with his tail acurl
Your luck will be; if I’m not mistaken,
Your pig grow big, and make some bacon.
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"Happy Easter to You"
from Grandpa April 2, 1908

Now Richard, dear, please don’t get crabbed,
Because I send you such a rabbit,
These lines I send you are as a sample, -
To be a Poet, room is ample, -
Write what you think, and let it go it,
When you’re a Poet, you will know it!
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"A Happy Easter"
To Freddy from Grandpa
April 18, 1908

My dear little sonny, it is rather funny
that you should have a real live bunny:
I send you two; one sitting up, one sitting down.
One from the country, one from the town.
One is white, one is brown.
That’s the way in Allentown.
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"A Merry Easter"
From Grandpa
April 2, 1908

Here’s Freddy in the grass a kickin’,
A playin’ with a little chicken,
I’ll bet that he is now a wishin’,
That he was down with Grandpa fishin’. 
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"A Hayseed"
For Richard
March 1908

I send to Richard A Country Girl,
A Girl to give his head a whirl,
She’s said to be "a Hayseed" child,
Ah me! She’s sweet as roses wild.
from Grandpa to Richard


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"Going to the Fire"
Sept. 14, 1906 (postmark)

Dear little chap-
How are you getting along at school
Bessy will soon be looking for a letter.
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"A Love Token"
Mr. J. (etc) Klein

I would think it very fine,
If you will be my valentine.
Hope you will not decline,
To receive this handsome rhyme
Which I think is very fine,
For it took me a very short time,
To compose so many a line!
(now it is time to laugh!)
Be sure to show this to your Wife
[Winifred Shriver Klein, Wirt’s daughter].
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March 1908

This card I send to daughter Win,
Because she’s been a Venice in,
I guess she thinks 'tis not a sin,
To wish that she was there agin!


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To his Eminence the PHD
This card I send – a gift from me,
I think the Cardinal is reading jokes,
'Tis not the Bible, from his looks.

Union Mills

March 1908

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"Am Getting Tanned"
Oct. 17, 1905 (postmark)

Addressed to:
Mr. Richard Klein
c/o Mr. H. W. Shriver
Union Mills
Carroll Co., Md.

My dear Richard,
I hope nothing like this has happened to you since I am gone.  I am coming home soon.
Yours with love, Bessy


Birthday Greetings to Richard H., Frederic S., and Philip S. Klein

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"Birthday Greetings"
Elizabeth R.

To Richard, 1907 (age 7)
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"May All Birthday Joys Be Yours"

To Frederic, 1908 (age 3)
bd-psk1-1.jpg (35002 bytes) bd-psk1-2.jpg (32340 bytes) To Philip, 1912 (age 3)

Scenes from Westminster, Maryland in 1909

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"East Main St., Westminster, Md."

Saturday, Sept. 4 (1909, postmark)

Addressed to:
Richard H. Klein
41 North 8th St.  Allentown, Pa.

Dear Ricky,
Here is Bessy at John Bowers [?]. –
You can see the carriage, I did not forget you-
Its good for bumps on the head.
I expect to hear from you,
Lots of love, B—

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"West Main St., Westminster, Md."
Jul 10, 1909 (postmark)

Addressed to:
Mrs H.M.J. Klein, 41 N. 8th St.   Allentown, Pa.

"I got your letter this morning and am glad you are getting better.
Bessie and I are in Westminster now.
To Mamma from Richard.

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