Littlestown, Pennsylvania
June 1, 1950

Richard Klein
Sunbury, Pennsylvania

Dear Mr. Klein:

I am enclosing the carbon copy of the paper the "Shriver Family [of Little Conewago]" which I read at the April meeting of the Adams  Historical. Society.  This, pioneer family is a very interesting one to met me: 1st. that Andrew Shriver was very likely the first permanent settler of what is now Adams County and 2nd. that I am a member of the family through the daughter Veronica who married Heinrich Kuntz.  I believe you, are a member through her brother David who married Rebecca Feree.  I do not think that the report contains very many facts that you do not already know, I used quite extensively the "Memoirs" of Judge Abraham Shriver. It is s great pity that he did not set down more facts of Andrew Shriver's other children than he did.  Anyway I am glad to send you the copy. I am also enclosing a clipping from. the “Gettysburg Times”.

I am taking a 2 months trip to Europe this July and at the end of the tour which will be Paris I plan to go to Alsenborn/Pfalz and spend two weeks with some friends I have there.  I have been told that the Pfalz is the most beautiful part of Germany.  I am very anxious to see Alsenborn in that it was the home of our Shriver family before they came to America. 

With kindest regards to your, I remain,

Yours very truly,

Kenneth K. Kroh


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posted 03/02/03 by J D Klein