Union Mills Letters
 November 29, 1857

To H. Wirt Shriver (brother)
From F. Austin Shriver (brother)

Names mentioned:
Dr. Warfield, Erb, Boyles; O'Brien; Mikesell; Tagg (Lum and Mike);
Scott Boyle; Ashton Happe; J. Alexis Shriver

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No. 4

Union Mills Nov 29/57

            Dear Wirt,

                        Yours of Nov 25 has been received and also the string which I am much obliged to you for getting.  I did not think that putting paper in the letter I sent you would make any difference in the postage because after it was in the letter was not much heavier than an ordinary one.  The string is first-rate so far but I don’t know whether it will stay so as long as it ought to.

            There has been a new debating society established at the Academy lately.  Dr. Warfield & Erb (Down the Creek) Challenged two fellows from Westminster (one of Mr. Boyles sons and E O’Brien [?]) to discuss with them the following subject  “Do the present signs of the times indicate a downfall of the Republic or not”.  The Doctor & Erb to take the affirmative and the other fellows the negative side of the question.  But by some means or other the Westminster boys couldn’t come so the Dr. and Mikesell took the affirmative and Erb & Tagg the negative.  The Dr. in his last speech commenced saying something about the Catholics which Lum I suppose thought wasn’t true so he called him a liar.  The Dr. however didn’t notice him the least though it was evident he was mad for afterwards he did give the Catholics ??xesse.  Lum & Mark got as mad as fury but did not say any thing more in fact I believe Lum was scared at what he had said.  Mark said once in a faint voice that he denied something the Dr. said, but no notice whatever was taken of either of them till after the debate when the Boys & the Dr had a few words but they didn’t amount to anything.  The judges decided in the affirmative.  There will be another debate next Wednesday night.  Subject “Which has the most influence over man, woman or money.”

            Don’t by any mans say anything abut this affair of Lum’s with the Dr. (to the boys) as he might get to find it out and would not like it.

            I have been out skating several times already.  The Boys & I went up to Erbs old creek one day last week (Thanksgiving) but as there was nobody there but we it did not go very well.  there is ice up there bout 6 inches thick.

            I suppose you know that Lum & I have had some notion of going to West Point.  Although I have pretty near got out of the notion lately.  I would like to know your opinion of it.  Lum saw Scott Boyle who was there 2 years and either got turned out or went away himself, and he gave such a gloomy acct. of matters there that it put me out of the notion of it.  But he may have made it worse than it was on account of his coming away.  Anyhow let me know your opinion when you write again.

            I am still undecided about making a boat after your plan but if I ever do make one it shall be like you say.  If I had the logs and every thing ready and nothing to do but make it I would think anything of that do that and take pleasure in it for I have scarcely anything to do now and if I don’t go to school this winter I will have more time still.  Ashton Happe is teaching school at the Academy now and as I believe I know more than he does it would not be much use for me to go.

All well
            Your Ever Aff. Bro.
                        F. A. Shriver

H. W. Shriver
care J A Shriver
3 Light St. Whf. Balto.

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