Union Mills Letters
June 26, 1857

To  H. Wirt Shriver (son)
From  Andrew Kaiser Shriver (father)

Names mentioned:
J. Sillman; Uncle William; Lizzie; Annie

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Union Mills
Md. June 26 [1857]

A.K. Shriver

Mr. H. Wirt Shriver
care of J[_] Sillman & Son


Union Mills June 26. 57

  Dr. Wirt,

            I am sorry to hear by your letter that Mr. Sillman is no longer in want of your services.  I think from your ans. he has treated you rather badly.  First, in not letting you know sooner, & secondly in finding fault at your delay.  This last excuse if he lays any stress upon it he ought to be ashamed of, for even if you had been able to return and resume your activities he ought not have complained much as the business is so dull.  I think if I had been him I would have said nothing about that.  I have been busy all morn’g & cannot now write much before the mail comes.  You had best be on the look out for some situation and I hope you will be able to get into something that will be more desirable than what you have been at, and in fact as you say that it may be all for the best.  I expect to go along with your uncl Wm. his next trip next Wens’y when we can talk the matter over & try what can be done if you do not succeed before in getting some situation.  It would be very desirable to get some kind of employment, as you can be of little use at home and beside it would be losing time.  I hope therefore you will be able to get into some place if it is only temporary.  If you leave Mr. Sillman before I see you I would by all means get a written recommendation from him.  I will explain better than any thing else the reason why you left, if he expresses himself as he ought to do.  I[t] may be of considerable advantage to you in getting into a new place.  We are all well.  You must tell Lizzie that Annie is quite contented & getting along as well as possible.   

yr. father A.K.S.

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