Union Mills Letters
18December 18, 1856

To H. Wirt Shriver 
From Andrew Kaiser Shriver (father)

Names mentioned:
Kate;  James and Jenie (cousins);  Mr. Ponder[?]

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        Union Mills  Thursday Morning Dec. 18, 1856

 Dr. Wirt,     It being so cold this morning we have concluded not to go.  We thought if it had remained pleasant we could have made the trop and saved you the expense of the stage fare but we could only have stayed one day in Baltm. as we intended to return again on Saturday, so that we have come to the conclusion that it would hardly pay, and would rather defer it to some other time when we can have more time on hand and more agreeable weather.  You can therefore come on the stage with Kate, and as I suppose there will be on occasion to remain on acct. of looking for a situation we will expect you on Saturday.  I hope however there may still be some prospect at least hereafter if not now.  We feel much obliged to your Cousin James and Jenie for their kindness to you, and hope we will be able to make some suitable return.  If you receive this in time you might get a few nuts and candy of Mr. Ponder[?] and let them be added to his bill.  We are all well.

love to all
      affy your Father
           A. K. Shriver

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