Union Mills Letters
October 17, 1856

To Henry Wirt Shriver
From Kei

Names mentioned:
Mrs Whitman;  Mrs Smith;  Frank;  Eliza;  John;  Thomson

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                                                OFFICE OF THE FARM JOURNAL
                                                N.E. CORNER SEVENTH AND MARKET STREETS
                                                Philadelphia, 10   mo  17.  185 6

Dear Wirt,

            Your letter from Balto. was recd. yesterday morning, also one from your father with $10.00 enclosed which (the $10.00) I will keep and give to John as you directed.  The one from your father I only recd. at night, or I would have answered it so your could have got it this evening, but I was going out just as it was given to me and I had not time to do it. 

            I am writing this at the store while they are shutting up and am in a great hurry and as the letter of your fathers is up at the house I cannot enclose it in this but will send it in my next.  I believe there is nothing of importance to you (now at least) so it will not matter much, I just glanced over it carelessly and in a hurry. 

Well the fuss with Mrs Whitmanís has most subsided but I have not spoken to her since, nor do I care if I ever do.  Frank & I went to two or three Boarding Houses, Mrs Smithís included, but could get no place to suit us.  I expect we will have to grin & bear it , but if I can get any other good place I will leave, although I hate to do it too, as a fellow feels so much at home there, and it would take them sometime at least to feel that way any where else.  But it is too bad to put up with.  I have velt vexed about it ever since, not that I care about the money but the principle of the thing.  Dang her.  I thought she had more principle than all that.  Nothing else new stirring I believe.  6 h 1 [?]

-- the boys ought to have been here last night or rather this morning.  We had a very large fire at Poplar St. Whf..  About 25 houses and I donít know how many lumber yards burnt out.  It made an awful light.  I got awake and went up there about 3 oíclock and stayed about 2 hours.  The wind was blowing like mischief and the cinders & sparks were so thick they just looked like snow falling.  I thought for awhile it was going to sweep the city as the wind was so high and blew right directly across the city.  The old Steam Squirt was there and did good service.  It sucked a stream of water abut as thick as my body from the Del, and sent it in 3 streams onto the fire.  I donít believe they could have managed to put it down without it.  It worked first rate.  The boys would have been pleased if they had seen the fire.  I was the only one from our house that saw it. 

I tell you what I slept first rate since I have got the old room to myself, indeed almost too good as I have slept every morning yet until 8 oíclock, never hear any of the Bells.  I must get Eliza to awaken me hereafter, or I am afraid Iíll catch fits from the store.  I have got all the covers off of Johnís bed on mine and I tell you its fine.  I have not heard from John since he left, but expect a letter in the morning.  I expect you must have had an extremely pleasant ride over to Balto. on the boats.  I suppose you heard before you left Balto. that I caught the pony.  I sent him over yesterday evening. 

They have been calling me to stop or else they will shut me in (I am up stairs) so Iíll have to stop.  I have written this in about 5 minutes.  Itís raining like the dogs and awful disagreeable.    Give my love to all & write soon to your aff. Cousin Kie

[Back of letter has the following accounts, in a different hand:]

             3 Ĺ         for Thomson
             2 Ĺ           screenings
            18            1st load
            18            2nd load
            20            3rd load
            23                 _
            80  --

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