Union Mills Letters
August 19, 1856

To Henry Wirt Shriver (son), age 18
From Andrew Kaiser Shriver, age 54

Names mentioned:
Austin;  Albert (cousin);  James Brengle;   Richard;  Alexander;
Augusta Shriver (cousin);  Billy Shriver;  Mr. Banbury

See comment on tobacco in last paragraph.

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               Union Mills Aug. 19  56

Dear Wirt,

            Your letter to Austin was recd. yesterday and we were glad to hear from you.  I would have written before but I see but little use of my writing when you and Austin are both writing as he can give you all the news as well as I can.  We are always glad to hear from you if only to know that you are well – and like to hear from you therefore often and on this acct. your letters are satisfying if they contain little else.

            Your cousin Abrt. [Albert?] came up on Saturday and brot James Brengle along    he intends going to Balt. today himself.  James will stay some time yet I suppose but I do not know how long.  he is at your Uncle Williams.  The rest are all here yet  I do not know how soon they propose to go home.

            Yesterday I got Richard to hitch up Toby and Harry in Alexr’s buggy to try them. We drove toward West’r.  I had Alex’r along and Richard driving.  It was late in the afternoon when we started about ½ after 3 oclock.  They went so finely that we were induced to go to cousin Augusta[?] Shrivers. although we only intended to give them a short drive to try them and they performed admirably indeed.  We took supper there and got home after staying 1 ½ hours xxx dark – Billy Shriver is still home.  He does not know when he will return, but expects to hear every day from his employer and that he is to return, so that his time is uncertain.  It is cloudy and rainy this morng. and I cannot see the lines to write by it is so dark where I am writing.  I think you had best content yourself with Mr. Bambury’s [?] church if you have not already done so.  We had the whole of our company up to Silver Run on Sunday last, they were very much pleased, and they with their fine carriage attracted a great deal of notice.

            Let me again advise you not to acquire the habit of using tobacco in any shape, if you have not yet.  You will never regret it, I assure you.  We are all well.

Aff’y your father    A.K.Shriver

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