Union Mills Letters
July 7, 1856

To Henry Wirt Shriver
From F. Austin Shriver (brother)

Names mentioned:
Dave Thompson;  Stonesifer;  Miss Donohue;  Lizzie Myer;
Uncle William;  Perry Rumler[?];  sis

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Mr. H. W. Shriver
Care of W. M. Shewell
No. 34 North 4th St.
Philadelphia, Pa

                        Union Mills  July 6th 1856

            Dear Wirt

                        I received your last letter on thrusday.  I would have answered it sooner but I though I would wait and tell you how I spent the 4th of July.  I do not believe that I ever spent such a one as I did this time, for I did nothing but grind bark all day as hard as I could and I donít believe there was a gun shot off or any thing else of the kind.  At any rate the loudest noise I heard was the thunder of the bark mills.

            You have been talking about the mistakes in my letter so I will try and show you some in yours.  At one place you say that you think that making hay &c is good fun and in another that you only hoped I would have it all done till you came home.  Now I should think that if it was fun you would not want it done when you came home.

            We commenced cutting wheat yesterday.  Dave Thompson, xxx Stonesifer & I.  Dave cradled, xxx raked & I bound.  We cut 59 shocks from about 9 oíclock till night.  We could have cut a good deal more but in the afternoon we cut rye in the meadow below the tan-yard and that was tangled and tramped down so much that we could not work half.

            You had a whole string in your letter about Miss Donohue again.  Now if I did say I was smitten I did not mean it.  So please do not say anything more about her any more, as every body reads my letters and such things as that I donít care about them knowing.

            The cherries are now about in their prime.  I have been after them a good many times already although they are not very large there is a great many of them and if you donít come home till the 15th I do not think there will be many about at that time.   I picked about a quart of raspberries this morning off of the bushes in the garden which are the first that have been taken off of them.  I think they will be about right when you come home but they are not near so good as they were other years on account of that frost we had in May.

            I think myself that you will come home in as good a time as you could handy [sic] in the way of game for I can assure you that there are lots of squirrels and wood-cock about now.

            Lizzie Myer and her children came to Uncle Wms last Friday.

            You want to know what kind of board Perry Rumler[?] gave me.  I tell you if I never get worse I will be confounded well satisfied for it was as good as I get at home exactly.  You know he was always noted for keeping a good table.  He paid me 62 Ĺ cts per day which was as much as the others got so I made $1.25 for what I done for him.

            The weather is very pleasant now that is not very hot, though some time ago the weather was very hot indeed in fact I think it was the very day you wrote to me last when you said you had a notion to take off your pants and write in your shirt-tail.

            I received the receipt for raising cucumbers and I believe that mother is going to try it.  as for myself I have other fish to fry so I cannot try it & now as I must write a letter to sis I will close.  we are all very well.

            From your ever aff Brother
                        F A Shriver

PS  Father said I should tell you to send him the January, February & June numbers of Harpers if you can get them.

            Yours &c  F A Shriver

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