Union Mills Letters
July 1,1856

To: H. Wirt Shriver, age 18
From: Eliza (sister), age 14

Names mentioned:
Kei;  John;  Laurence Shriver (death of);
Kate;  Mollie;  Emma

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Thorndale Seminary
July 1st 1856

My Dear Brother

            I received your very nice letter last Wednesday and was very glad to hear from you.

            I expect you will enjoy yourself very much on the fourth of July. 

 I suppose I will have a very nice [sic] for it will come on Friday and we will have a holyday [sic] both Friday and Saturday.

            I expect you will get this letter on the fourth of July and then you will come home and I think you might promise me to bring your dagurroetype [sic] with you.

            I have not been home yet this session and do not expect to go till you go home.

            Is John and Kei coming with you   I hope they will for if they do not I will not get to see them till next summer.

            You said that you were afraid that  your letter was to long to be interesting but any letter is interesting to me whether it be long or short.

            I had a letter from Kate and Mollie this morning and little Laurence Shriver is dead    he died last Wednesday.

            I wish you would tell me some other way to begin my letter than the way I do begin them.  I expect you laugh every time you get a letter from me.    I think it is time for you to know when you are coming home.  I am sure I would like to know very much.

            I will not make allowance for you not writing four pages for you have more time to write than I have.  I think you might do it.     I suppose it is very warm in Philadelphia now for it is very warm here but not as warm as it is there, I donít suppose.

            Mollie has been in Baltimore some time but she came back last Saturday and seems very glad to get home again.  Emma was too but she only staid one day.

I dated this letter July 1st but I made a mistake for it is June 30th but it donít make any difference.

            So good bye Dear Brother
                        Your affectionate

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