Union Mills Letters
April 11, 1856

To Henry Wirt Shriver
From Andrew Kaiser Shriver, father

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            Union Mills  Apl. 11, 56

Dr. Wirt,

            Yours dated the 9th Apl. has been recd. in which you say you have recd the $5 sent in my letter which is all right.

            I enclose the further sum of 10$ which I hope will enable you to fit yourself out for some time.  If it does not reach to get a vest I think you can do with those you have for some time yet, as they are not so much out of season yet.

            If you get a pair of “Patent leathers” as you say, which I suppose are to be shoes, from the price (but you do not say so), if then as I said you get shoes and a new pair of pants you will have to be careful not to mar your new pants with the boots, for if your pants get soiled inside of the leg by the boots, they will not answer well to wear clean stockings with, as they will immediately impart it to the stockings, so that if you want to use the shoes for the summer you should keep the pants to wear with them and then not use them when you may be in such a situation as regards weather to dirty them or they will soon be unfit for the purpose too, and you will have to resort to the boots again, or get new ones.  I hope however that the experience in these matters that you have already had will enable you to decide how to act, and that you will duly consider always such matters as are but calculated to keep you in decent clothes at the cheapest rate, and such as are appropriate to your business & your situation in life.  I wish you to let me know after you have determined what you have obtained from this and the last money sent.  You ought to know but what you stand most in need of, use it then to the best advantage in obtaining what you want.

            The leather such as you speak of is of a better quality I expect than we generally make.  If not, Mr. Shewell could have afforded to take it at the price I offered it last fall.  I expect however to get 30 cts for it for the next I send down which we are getting ready now but will not have it all finished until about 4 weeks yet.  We are all well.

            your affte father    A. K. Shriver

answer my letter Sis [appears to be in a different hand]

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