Union Mills Letters
April 7, 1856

To Henry Wirt Shriver
From Andrew Kaiser Shriver, father

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            Union Mills  Apl. 7, 1856

Dr. Wirt,

            I recd. your last letter.  You say you do not understand me about the boots, whether I intended you should get 2 pair of new boots or not.  I certainly did not think it was possible that you could have so used up your boots you got in P. as to be useless.  I hope you will be able to get them mended so as to last some time yet, for it does seem to me that all your clothing seems to give out sooner than usual.  Get them well mended & save your new ones as long as you can.  You also speak of a pair of pants & a new vest. I suppose your pants may probably have given out sooner than they ought on acct. of their being too small at first, so that it may be advisable perhaps to get a new pair.  I enclose you herewith for that purpose 5$ for which (or less perhaps) you can get a pair that will answer for every day, & keep your other new ones for xxx day.  You must shift along with the vests you have, certainly they cannot be so worn as to require a new one yet.  The vest you got in Westminster cost 3$ and was made of good cloth.  Why is this not good enough for every day?  and the one you had made in P. ought to answer all purposes for Sunday.  We are all well & hope hope [sic] to hear that you are so too.  I am attending court this week as jury-man and have endeavored to send some of the storekeepers to P. to purchase shoes but they say they can get them cheaper in Baltimore, so there seems to be a xxx xxx from there.  I asked you in my lat letter whether the Westr. notes pass freely in P. without discount, but you did not reply to this part of my letter.  I do not wish you to have them discounted.  I would rather try to send you such funds as will pass freely.

                        Affly your Father
                                    A. K. Shriver

I hope you will not neglect going to church regularly, you have it convenient and such sermons as no doubt are worth going to hear.  You cannot therefore spend the Sabbath in any way so profitably, if you give your attention to it properly, & beside it will be of great use to you in the way of giving you a good character in society which is very important to a young man.

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