Union Mills Letters
March 2, 1856

To Henry Wirt Shriver
From F. Austin Shriver

Names mentioned:
Jess Stonesifer;  Jake;  Charley Devilbiss;  Dave;
Lucy[?];  Kate

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Union Mills    Mar 2nd  1856

Dear Wirt

            I received yours of the 26th yesterday.  As to that place, I donít know what to say about it till I know more about it.  But father says that if it is a good one and they pay enough to pay expenses he thinks I had better come.  But unless they do that I donít think I shall come.

            You want to know what kind of a bargain father has with Jess Stonesifer.  I believe father pays Jess a certain sum of money and then he has to hire a hand and do all the work that is to be done on the tan-yard.  Jake is working in old Charley Devilbissís[?] tan-yard and Dave is still here but he is going to leave this spring.  Since they got the ice cut away the turbine works as slick as grease again.  But they had a terrible job before they got it a-going.  It snowed here last Wednesday about 4 inches deep and yesterday it snowed again but the old snow was about 6 in deep so for now it is about a foot deep.  But I donít think it will last long, as the weather is getting very warm.  I have not caught any rabbits or muskrats lately.  I believe I have told you about all that I did catch.  I would not catch any rabbits now if I could for as it is I donít believe there is hardly any living.  This has been one of the hardest winters on game I think that I ever knew.  I have not seen a muskrat since the creek froze over and therefore I could not shoot any.

            I have had that gun fixed and I think it is done pretty well but donít you think he charges me fifty cents for doing it.  I didnít think it would cost more than 12 Ĺ or I donít think I would have had it fixed.  Them apples have not been sent yet but we will send them as soon as the navigation gets open so that we can do it. 

            What do you think of the American nominees for president and vice president.  I think they could not be better.  I believe I have told you all the news so I will have to stop.  We are all well.  Lucy[?] & Kate send their love to you.

            Yours Truly, Aff. your Brother
                        F A Shriver

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