Union Mills Letters
February 22, 1856

To Henry Wirt Shriver, age 18
From F. Austin Shriver (brother), age 16

Names mentioned:
Father (Andrew Kaiser Shriver); Snyder;  John Miller;  Bill Lippy;
Myers;  Jess Stonesyfer;  Amos Little

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Union Mills   Feb 22  1856

Dear Wirt,

            Yours of the 19th was Recd yesterday with much pleasure.  Father started for Baltimore yesterday but I received my letter before he started and he said he thought he would write to you from Westmstr and tell you about that leather for I know nothing about it.

            You asked me what they done with the ice after they cut it out.  They just threw it out on the edge of the channel while they cut out for they donít make it more than 2 feet wide.  The reason why it froze so thick on the race is because the water does not run so swift there as on the creek.

            I donít know any more who all he had cutting ice, but I will tell you some of the principal ones.  Snyderís boys John Miller Bill Lippy[?] xxx Myers and in fact nearly all the neighbors were at itThey had  good reason to be at it for the could not get anything ground as long as it was froze shut.

            You also asked what were all doing.  We are doing about the same old thing which is nothing.  We have got a new way of coming down the hill which is on skates.  We got the hill so smooth and hard by sliding down on boards that at last we got to skating down and I can assure you that we come down faster on skates than we ever did before on boards or sleds.

            Father said that you should inquire about that situation more particularly what the salary would be and when they would want me to come.  You did not say for certain what kind of a store it is.  In your next, tell me.

            Father has gone to Balto as I said before so I cannot send you them stamps.  I will tell him to send them to you when he comes home which will be to-morrow.

            Jess Stonesifer has taken the tan-yard and he has hired Amos Little to help him.  Mother said that Uncle Henry said you should write to him.

            We are all well
                        Yours with much love
                                    Your Aff. Bro.
                                                F A Shriver

PS  I have not yet had that gun fixed.  But I will do so as soon as I get a chance.

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