Union Mills Letters
February 1, 1856

To H. Wirt Shriver 
From F. Austin Shriver, brother

Names mentioned:
Cousin Alex;  Al;  Mr. Myer;  Uncle William;  Uncle Henry;  Lum

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      Union Mills  Feb 1st 56

Dear Wirt

            Your last was received yestery [sic] and also them books for which I wrote to you.  You made a little mistake about them.  I did not want you to send them to me until I got an answer from you telling me what the price was so I could know whether to take them or not.  But it make no difference for I have concluded to take them for I think they are very cheap.  Father said I should just tell you that he would write to you next week and send you $5.00 out of which you could pay for the books and keep the rest yourself!

            Cousin Alex, Al, Mr. Myer, and Uncle Wm. came here from Balto. yesterday.  Father and cousin Alex are going to Gettysburg today in the sleigh.  Mother came home from Hanover last Thursday with Uncle Henry.

            I am not going to school any more nor are any of the boys on account of a squabble which they had over there last Thursday.  Lum got one of the hardest thrashings that I ever saw any boy get on account of which we are all staying home from school.  In fact it is no use to go for we donít learn anything any how.  Excuse this miserable letter for we were thrashing all day yesterday and I couldnít get time to write to you till this morning and now I am afraid the mail will come any minute.  We are all well except myself.  I was pretty sick last night.  The mail is here so I will have to stop.

                        Yours truly   F A Shriver

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