Union Mills Letters
January 24, 1856

To H. Wirt Shriver 
From F. Austin Shriver (brother)

Names mentioned:
Mother (Catherine Wirt);  Kate (Anna Catherine Shriver, age 8);
Aust; Uncle Henry;  sis (Eliza B. Shriver, age 13);   Lyman

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         Union Mills    Jan 24 1856

Dear Wirt

            I received your last letter this evening.  Mother and Kate went to Hanover last Tuesday and will not return till next Saturday.  There is better sleighing here now than there ever was and no sign of its going away yet  in fact it been so cold and snowed so much that the race froze shut so tight that they could not do anything a the mill and so Aust got about a dozen fellows and went at it yesterday to cut a channel so that the water could get down.  I never seen anything froze like it is.  There is a place in the middle of the race about six inches wide and about the same height and that is the only place the water could get down.  The rest is all solid ice.

            I wish you would look about and see if you could get me Marco Pauls [see below] voyages & travels.  You know what I mean I guess.  You know Uncle Henry gave sis one of them. I want all of them except that one which we have and I guess you know which one that is.  But I donít want you to get them unless you can get them for less than 50 cts per book, for I can get them from Harpers for that and have them sent to me free of postage.  Father said he thought you could get them cheaper an is the reason I wrote to you about them.

            I canít see how that fellow skated backwards so fast.  His skates could not have been like ours or else they would have caught in the ice for you know our skates are not turned up behind.  We had a couple of more letters from sis since I wrote to you last and she seems to like it better every day.

            As to them apples, we would have sent them long ago, but we were expecting Dick[?] Lymen to go to Baltimore all the time and we waited and waited for him and he has not gone yet.  Father says he thinks he will go next week and if the weather gets warmer we will send them.  He says it is no use to send them now anyhow for they will freeze.  We are all well

                        Yours Truly, your aff Bro
                                    F A Shriver

PS Excuse the shortness of the above letter for there is nothing going on about here now at all.  But it is a little longer than you think it is.  [flourishes]

To Mr. H. W. Shriver
Philadelphia Pa


Marko Paul's Travels and Adventures by Jacob Abbott, is also called called Marco Paul's Adventures in the Pursuit of Knowledge, published by Harper & Brothers in 1852.  The series consists of six books, several of which are online: In New York, On the Erie Canal,  In Maine, In Vermont, In Boston, and At the Springfield Armory.

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