A Register of the
Shriver Family Papers
at the

Maryland Historical Society
(MS. 750 – 750.1, 2085 – 2085.8)

Richard J. Cox
Manuscripts Librarian/Library Coordinator
Maryland Historical Society
11 August 1977


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The Shriver Family Papers represent eleven separate collections totaling 101 boxes and covering a date range of 1659 to 1957. The main collections are Ms. 750 and Ms. 750.1 donated to the Maryland Historical Society in 1934-35, 1941, and 1943, and Ms. 2085 donated to the Society by Dr. Frederic Shriver Klein in 1974.

These collections document the Shriver family primarily at their residence built in Union Mills, Maryland in 1797 and lived in continuously until the 1950s. The majority of the papers concern the Shrivers' economic and political involvement in Frederick County and, later, Carroll County. Many of the records concern flour milling, tannery, banks, post office, politics (primarily from the late eighteenth century until the Civil War), and education and social life at the Homestead. There are many references to the immediate surrounding region including York, Hanover, Gettysburg, all in Pennsylvania, and Frederick, Westminster, Baltimore City, Philadelphia, and Washington, D.C. A number of the family members – primarily David Shriver, Jr., James Shriver, Joseph Shriver, and Thomas Shriver – were involved in civil engineering projects in the early nineteenth century; these projects included the National Road, Chesapeake and Ohio Canal, and Baltimore and Ohio Railroad. Of special interest is the involvement of the Shrivers with the German populace in Western Maryland and Pennsylvania and the numerous diaries maintained by family members at Union Mills from 1824 to 1944; principal diarists include Andrew K. Shriver, Henry Wirt Shriver, Frederick Austin Shriver, and Louis E. Shriver.

Overall, the Shriver Family Papers are an essential collection for the political, economic and social history of Maryland in the Middle Period. Moreover, the richness and size of the collections provide an excellent opportunity for the study of family history.

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This finders' aid to the Shriver Family Papers was prepared in 1977 by Richard J. Cox of the Maryland Historical Society.  It was transferred to Web format by J. Douglass Klein in December, 1998.  In making the conversion, I have scanned the 1977 typescript, and typed in corrections which were pencilled in the original.  In addition, I have corrected obvious typos.  There may still be some scanning errors which I failed to identify.  I have broken the original report into the categories noted above.  Cox provided three separate indices which I have combined into a single alphabetical list.  Alternatively, users might wish to use the browser "find" function to search the descriptions of the collection to locate references to specific people, places, or subjects. 

The Maryland Historical Society maintains a web directory of its manuscript collection which includes the Accession information on the Shriver Papers.
Users might also be interested in the Union Mills Homestead web site. 

I would like to express my thanks to Jennifer A. Bryan, Curator of Manuscripts and Archives at the MHS Library, for her support of this project. 


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