Diary of Mary Winifred Shriver
March-December 1889
Union Mills, Maryland


Loose sheets included in the diary:

[Loose sheet, poem, inside front cover]



I love to wander by the brook
That flows among the trees
And see the birds flit to and fro
Among the Autumn leaves.
Tis my delight from morn till night
To rambel [sic] on the shore
But where I do my mothers voice
Comes from the kitchen door.


I am not allowed to have a beau
Except upon the sly
And yesterday he came and took
Me walking thro the rye.
We strolled along so lovingly
It seemed just like a dream
When from out the kitchen door
I recognized this scream.


He took me to a county fair
We went in a balloon.
Says he to me lets go and see
The man up in the moon
We drifted o
'er towards the farm
Perhaps a mile or more
Where I heard my mothers voice
Come from the kitchen door.


[Loose sheet between pages 74 and 75]

The Yorkshireman's Motto

See all, 'ear all, and say nowt
Eat all, drink all, and pay nowt
An' if tha does out for nowt
Do it for thissen

(tha, pronounced a as in "that")

See all, hear all, and say nothing.
Eat all, drink all, and pay nothing.
And if thou does anything for nothing
Do it for thyself.

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