Diary of Mary Winifred Shriver
March-December 1889
Union Mills, Maryland

[Letter to Winifred and Catherine from H. Wirt Shriver, while the girls were staying in Hanover, two summers before the diary starts. This letter was not with the diary, but speaks of events related to those in the diary. Envelope addressed as follows:]

Misses Winifred & Catharine Shriver
Care of Miss Sallie Winebrenner
Frederick Street
Hanover York Co Pa

Union Mills July 12th 1887
Tuesday Morning--

My Dear Winnie & Catharine,

Why how long do you intend staying away from home? You must indeed be having a wonderful time in Hanover, that can keep you so long. I trust your Aunts are not yet tired of you; & hope that you are doing all you can to please them but your visit is growing to be like the sweet corn, so long as to be astonishing. And there is such a wonderfully gay time here at the Mills, that you are missing--what do you think of my dancing till 12 oclock at night, some 3 or 4 nights within the past 10 days, but your mother danced too, so it must have been all right. Last night we had another famous tear up.

Mr Stanley Krebs from Littlestown, young Dr Hering & Mr Frank Cunningham were here, & your Cousins Bessie Myer & Constance, who with Kate & Bess, Uncle Lou, Harry & Mother & myself, made a tremendous dancing party. The girls had the floor of Uncle Lou's room waxed with sperm candles, & we did slide around as easily as on skates. The violin piano and bones made the music, & (particularly after wine & cake), the fun became fast & furious. This evening I believe some of the Little Pipe Creek folks are coming & the same business will probably be again attended to. Boat riding first, till about 10 oclock, & then music & dancing. Madeline has asked me several times when you are coming home, & I have not been able to tell her. Your chickens are all well & happy & the rooster is as spunky as ever. You will hardly know the garden, things have grown so much since you left. The raspberries were very plentiful, but they are nearly over now. Rex has been quite sick & Fido has not been well, but they are getting better now. With much love & a kiss for both of you, I am affectionately yours


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