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from the cover of the Green Book
of Shriver History, 1888

The following description was found on a typed page included
with the color version of the Coat of Arms above right.

Schreiber (Shriver) Arms
Gules on a pale argent, a salmon of the first
Arms in Possession of the Maryland branch of family.

Symbolic description:  The shield is red [gules], which symbolizes bravery on the field of battle, unblanching courage under all conditions.  The color silver [argent] represents sincerity and truth.  The salmon symbolizes the fact that the family held large estates that had many water-ways on them, rivers filled with fish, which fishing rights were sources of wealth to their possessors.  These arms were won in war, as shown by the helmet;  the mantling depicts the woolen tunic the knight wore over his steel armour when engaged in close combat, as it hid the seams of his armour from the sword-play of his adversary.

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