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The Shrivers: Under Two Flags
(Union Mills Homestead Foundation, 2003)

David Shriver Lovelace is a computer software analyst working in New York. A keen interest in the Civil War led him inevitably to Union Mills, Maryland, the ancestral homestead of his Shriver side. That unleashed a latent interest in family history and genealogy.

He has cleared the brush paths to distant origins and histories of the Lovelace family from South Carolina and his mother's family (Price) from Maryland.

David, the sixth generation of the John Shultz Shriver line, was born in Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania, and graduated from southern Connecticut State University. David lives in Connecticut with his wife Dayna, nearby to his parents, brothers, sister and their families. The Shrivers: Under Two Flags is his first book.

For more information about the book, contact the Union Mills Homestead Foundation.

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