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Union Mills Comes Alive with Augmented Reality!
at Union Mills June 3, 2018, 2pm

The Union Mills Homestead is using exciting 21st Century technology to interpret its history as an early industrial site in a new exhibit this year.  The exhibit, entitled “Union Mills: Early Industry Comes Alive,” is a partnership between the Carroll County Public Library, The Union Mills Homestead, and Balti Virtual to engage the community in local history.  This project combines a traveling exhibit of artifacts with Augmented Reality animations providing an interactive experience to enhance the interpretation of the Union Mills “Early Industry” story. 

and for the full schedule of the touring event.

Point your phone at this image, and...

.. see this 3D AR image (with narration).

What is Augmented Reality?  
Augmented Reality is a form of virtual reality technology that expands and enhances a person’s view of an item or location by means of a smart phone or other mobile computer device.  Augmented Reality superimposes a computer-generated image or animation over a user’s view of an image or a part of the world.  The Augmented Reality experience can be triggered by a target image or even GPS.  The goal of Augmented Reality is to enable a blending of the real and virtual worlds, one that creates a virtual layer over the real world.

The Union Mills Augmented Reality exhibit will contain two animations, one of the Grist Mill and the other of the Tannery, along with several artifacts.  You can experience this exhibit in-person at any of the scheduled locations as it tours around the state.  These locations will include a number of Carroll County Library branches, the Maryland Historical Society, and even the Senate Office Building in Annapolis.  Alternatively, you can view the exhibit information, including the Augmented Reality experiences, online.  More information at the Carroll County Public Library website.

The exhibit will culminate at Union Mills, for a special program focused on the exhibit and the site’s industrial history, to be held Sunday afternoon, June 3, 2018.  Please join us!

This project was funded by a Library Services and Technology Act Grant from the Institute of Museum and Library Services and the Maryland State Library.  Animations for the project are being prepared by BaltiVirtual, a Baltimore-based team of 3D experts who specialize in virtual reality programming.

We look forward to seeing you at Union Mills this season to experience this exciting technology!

 Union Mill Homestead

3311 Littlestown Pike

Westminster, Md.  21158


Located on Rt. 97, 7 miles north of Westminster, Md. 


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