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Shriver Grist Mill
30th Anniversary Celebration
st Mill Restoration

2014 Marks the 30th anniversary since the Grist Mill at the Union Mills Homestead was restored and rededicated in 1984.  During the weekend of July 19-20, 2014, come meet Colonial Williamsburg’s John Boag, Union Mills’ first miller, who will be returning to the Grist Mill for a special appearance that weekend.

 Special 30th Anniversary Commemoration Presentation: July 19, 2014  1:00 p.m.

NOW: July 19, 2014, 30th anniversary of mill renovation dedication. 
First miller, Joan Boag, right; current miller, Ivan Lufriu, forth from right.

NOW: Ivan Lufriu explains the workings of the mill to some of Sunday's visitors.

THEN: John Boag at work on the Mill restoration, December 11, 1984.  Caption from the Baltimore Sun reads:
"John Boag, at work on one of the mill's wooden wheels, says even he is not sure where the act runs out and the real  man takes over."
Photo credit: Ellis J. Malashuk, Evening Sun Staff.

Program for the 1984 Mill Restoration Dedication

Excerpts about the mill restoration from the Union Mills Homestead Foundation newsletter


Grist Mill in action in the early days.

Snapshot of Mill in 1958.  Note cinder blocks for stairs; broken windows; collapsing chimney.

 Shriver Grist Mill under renovation in the 1970’s.

Mill Stones in action in restored Grist Mill

Wooden gears in the Grist Mill



Shriver Grist Mill Timeline

1797  The Shriver Grist Mill was built in the Oliver Evans style by John Mong, millwright from York. The initial cost for the construction of the Grist Mill and Sawmill was $420.00.

1800’s  Various improvements to mill include removal of original wooden wheel and upgrade to water-powered turbines.

1942  Although operational, the mill was closed when part of the back wall collapsed due to erosion. When the decision was made to close the mill, the metal machinery that had replaced the wood over the years was scrapped for the World War II war effort.

1970s  The Grist Mill building was restored, but not to working order. During this restoration a new floor was installed over the old one – which was very unsafe.  There are some new rafters, and the whole back wall was rebuilt.  Some of the window panes were replaced, and a new roof was put on.

1983  The Shriver Grist Mill water power system was reconstructed to working order by Derek Ogden, millwright, using the Oliver Evans design. John Boag, now the Master of the Wheelwright Shop at Colonial Williamsburg, was made the mill curator and first miller to serve the newly restored grist mill.

1984  Dedication of the Grist Mill.

2002  The water wheel, wheel shaft, and apron were reconstructed by Jim Kricker, millwright.

2005  The flume was reconstructed using the original design.

TODAY  The Shriver Grist Mill is the last functioning grist mill along Big Pipe Creek, and serves as a historical teaching tool for school groups and locals alike! The Grist Mill still produces Rice Flour, Rye Flour, Buckwheat Flour, Barley Flour, Cornmeal and Roasted Cornmeal.

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